Turkish Things is here!

My very first App Store app, Turkish Things is now on the App Store. An early version of this app was built for a hackathon we had at the Flatiron School. I am working to catalogue authentic international Turkish venues with the app. Its data resides on Parse, and uses Foursquare API to search for venues. A day after its release, it already has around 150 venues in its database. Go check it out!


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1 Response to Turkish Things is here!

  1. andy says:

    Hi Basar, that is a really good app. i just tried it from app store. I would say thanks first if you could help with the tableview part. I am developing a similar app but it searches nearby clinics. I have been searching and trying doing the tableview sorting out distance and listing them from closest to farest for ages but still no achievement. Most books don’t even cover this topic. can you pls do a tutorial of how to sort out the distance in tableview and listing them? My data source is from google api. but i also have a JSON file uploaded to Parse database. i can change the data source if necessary. Thanks again in advance

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