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Table Views on top of Map Views

Code for this tutorial is available on GitHub. One of the features of Turkish Things is that its UIMapView plays nice with its accompanying UITableView. When you scroll the UITableView upwards, it will cover the UIMapView to give you the … Continue reading

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Fun with Parse’s Cloud Code

Turkish Things utilizes Parse as its backend. I heard about Parse during my iOS course at Flatiron School and thought that it was a super cool idea to get started with an app, with a really short learning curve to … Continue reading

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Turkish Things is here!

My very first App Store app, Turkish Things is now on the App Store.¬†An early version of this app was built for a hackathon we had at the Flatiron School. I am working to catalogue authentic international Turkish venues with … Continue reading

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Accessing an ASP.NET Web Site on Parallels from Mac OS X

For my upcoming Flatiron School Meet-up talk, I’ve been learning about ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Api’s. My aim is to be able to build a back end for an iOS App eventually; so I am planning to put all of … Continue reading

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Recording and Playing Audio using AVFoundation Framework

Today at Flatiron School, I implemented a basic Audio Recorder and Player to one of our apps. Here’s a short tutorial to implement these controls using AVFoundation Framework. 1) Create a Xcode project with a single view. 2) Add “AVFoundation … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Map Annotations using MKAnnotation Protocol

This week at Flatiron School, we learned how to create custom UIMapView annotations using the MKAnnotation protocol. Even though at first I found it to be more complicated than it should be, it started to make more sense after I … Continue reading

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